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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/13/2017

minecraft question

Is there anyway to download a minecraft pre built custom map for playstion 4? If so, how to you put it on ps4 and load it up on minecraft ps4 edition?
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• 3/11/2017

Can non-vanilla content be added to the wiki?

For example, interesting finds when developing plugins or mods using the vanilla system (spigot, forge, etc).
Just wondering, because this wiki reminded me of the interesting finds I had when I added custom enchantments to the game at runtime with Spigot. Whenever the server is reloaded, all custom enchantments are removed from items and have to be re-added. This will not be the case with forge, but just thought it was an interesting find.
Edit: This was also using the vanilla code and not Spigot. It just so happens that I was using a Spigot server and plugin to add the code into vanilla (e.g. vanilla thought there was more than the normal amount of enchantments. You cannot do this with Spigot normally).
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• 5/14/2016

Anyone fan of Flying/Slimeblock creations?

I'm a big fan of slimeblock creations. Unfortunately flying machines are super limited in minecraft in that there are limited pushable blocks and 12 block piston push limit. But the community alwyas finds a way to express creativity and overcome those limits.
I would like to compile slimeblock creations such as bidirectional flying machine, automatic flying machine, stations, engines, etc. Anyone up for it?
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• 8/20/2015

How to install Flans Mod?

I'd like to download and install Flans Mod on my Dell Desktop.
I've successfully downloaded the files, but I cannot install to the game. Ive watched a few videos on YouTube instructing me how to install, but I must be doing something wrong.
The video double clicked on a file, and a client opened up.
When I paused the video to do this, but instead of opening up a client, a long word page filled with code opened, and that's it.
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• 8/2/2015

Syntax Error SMP - Accepting Applications!

Hi, I'm MicroMacComp, a guy who focuses on large technical builds, and you can check me out on youtube if you want. I recently started a technical server, but we only have 2 active members excluding myself at the moment. Applications are to be filled out at the following link here:
Thank you for your time!
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• 6/7/2015

1.9 Casual Discussion

Hi. I am making this so we can casually discuss 1.9. :)
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• 5/20/2015

Just the beginning!

Right now we have a lot to add to the wiki as we are just getting started, but It has been active and amazing with the growth and collaboration so far, so keep it up!
There is currently a bulllet pointed list on the home page if you wish to see what general stuff people want added as a general/long term goals, but if you have smaller requests (or big ones too) you can put them here! The message boards work better as a format for this type of thing. Thanks again for all the hard work to help out the community!
[zakriboss on youtube] [Founder of technical-Minecraft wiki] @Admin 19:14, May 20, 2015 (UTC)
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