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• 3/11/2017

Can non-vanilla content be added to the wiki?

For example, interesting finds when developing plugins or mods using the vanilla system (spigot, forge, etc).

Just wondering, because this wiki reminded me of the interesting finds I had when I added custom enchantments to the game at runtime with Spigot. Whenever the server is reloaded, all custom enchantments are removed from items and have to be re-added. This will not be the case with forge, but just thought it was an interesting find.

Edit: This was also using the vanilla code and not Spigot. It just so happens that I was using a Spigot server and plugin to add the code into vanilla (e.g. vanilla thought there was more than the normal amount of enchantments. You cannot do this with Spigot normally).

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• 3/17/2017

Don't think that fits so good into this wiki. Everything in this wiki so far is based around vanilla survival, don't see how something like that helps/influences vanilla survival. Something like that should probably rather fit in some forge or spigot forum.

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