A BUD switch (Block Update Detector) takes advantage of game mechanics, allowing for the detection of block updates.

Designs Edit

A simple BUD switch can be created by placing a sticky piston with a slime block on top and then a redstone block on top of that. When a block update happens beside the sticky piston it extends pushing the redstone block up and powering a redstone line.

Events that cause block updates Edit

  • Placing a block
  • Removing a block
  • Using /setblock or other commands
  • Falling sand turns into block, or block turns into falling sand
  • Sheep eats grass
  • Dirt is hoed
  • Grass is turned into path blocks
  • Crops (any type) / cactus / sugar cane / chorus fruit grows
  • Buttons, levers, pressure plates
  • Redstone stuff gets powered or unpowered
  • An entity goes throught string (even if there is no tripwire hook, it will give a block update)

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Progression of designs/history: Edit

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