Data Edit

Attribute Values: Edit

maxHealth: 6

movementSpeed: 0,699999988079071
Bats2 minecraft

16 (Default)

knockbackResistance: 0 (Default)

Other data: Edit

No drops

XP: 0

Network ID: 65

Savegame ID: Bat

Bats are 0.5 blocks wide and 0.9 blocks tall.

Bats can´t activate stone or wooden pressure plates or tripwire. Bats are able to activate iron and gold pressure plates.

Bats are flying passive mobs.

Here´s the nbt structure of a stereotypical bat in the overworld:

Spawning Edit

Bats can spawn on any opaque blocks below and on layer 62 and below in light levels 0-3; they require 2 blocks vertical space to spawn [1]. They cannot spawn on the bottom sides of blocks, and when spawning in blocks without a collision mask, they use the light level in the block above the block they spawn in for their light level calculations[1]. According to the normal minecraft wiki, "Between October 20 and November 4, they only require a light level of 7 or less to spawn."

Behavior Edit

Bats don´t use any EntityAI classes.

Bats fly around randomly. Will rest under opaque blocks provided player is not nearby(~2 blocks).

Uses Edit

Useful for player detectors. Able to work through blocks at close ranges.

References Edit

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