The beacon is a block and a Tile Entity, that can emit a Beam (which is not an entity) from the block above it and which renders from the beacon block to the world height build limit. The Beacon Tile Entity can apply potion effects to players within an area.

The Activation Edit

A beacon is activated by building a pyramid with a (-1) slope with an apex of the beacon block, built to a depth of the required tier plus the beacon block. Then a shaft of blocks is cleared out of opaque blocks[1][2] to world build limit, excluding bedrock.

Finally an effect is selected and an appropriate resource[Emerald/Diamond/Gold/Iron/Netherite Ingot] is inserted and the ✅ (check-mark) button pressed. The resources used to construct the beacon pyramid or activate the effect does not alter the effects given or the radius of the beacon.

The Area[3] Edit

The area is a rectangular prism with a base below the beacon block by the same distance as it's radius and extends vertically to the world build limit. If any part of the player (hitbox?) is in this prism they are affected by the beacon. The radius is directly effected by the tier, not the effect transmitted

Tier Radius (blocks) # resource blocks
1 20 9
2 30 34
3 40 83
4 50 164

The Effects Edit

The availability of effects is effected by the tier, with many effects unavailable at low tiers. However once an effect is selected the beacon may be lowered to tier 1, but must be restored to be changed.[4]

Tier Effect 1 Effect 2
1 Speed Haste
2 Resistance Jump Boost
3 Strength [NONE]
4 Regeneration [Any tier 1-3 effect at level 2]
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