General Behaviour of entities in every tick Edit

"Entity" is the entity being ticked.

(Mostly copied from the "Lightning" page.) (This should be removed from the "Lightning" page once someone checks whether my changes to make the page more general have compromised the information.)

First of all, if an entity is riding the Entity, and that entity is dead, the Entity will stop being ridden by that entity. Then it updates the distance the Entity walked in its lifetime and update its position. It will also update its rotation and where the Entity is looking. Then it will check, whether the Entity is inside a Portal, whether the world allows traveling to other dimensions, whether the Entity is not ridden by any entity, and whether the Entity has been in the portal long enough to be teleported through the portal. If that should ever be the case for any Entity, that Entity would be teleported into the Nether. If the Entity is not inside a portal, its portal timer will be reduced by 4 if it´s greater than 0, and set to 0 if it´s smaller than 0. The portal cooldown will also be reduced by 1. Then the game will check, whether the Entity is sprinting and is not in water. If that´s true, then it will spawn some particles on the ground below the Entity, with the texture of the blocks the Entity is sprinting on top of. Next on the list is a method to handle water movement: If the Entity would touch a water block, if it fell down 0.4 blocks (this needs to be verified), but is currently not in water, and hasn´t been updated in this tick yet, then it will make some splash sounds and with a volume depending on the downwards motion of the Entity. It will also spawn some Water Bubble Particles. Generally if a Entity is in Water, its fall distance will get reset, and if the Entity is burning, the fire will be extinguished. If the Entity only exists client-side it will also be extinguished. If it should exist serverside and is on fire, the game will check, whether the Entity is immune to fire. If not the Entity will get 1 damage from fire every 20 ticks, and the time the Entity remains on fire will be reduced by one every tick. Next the Entity will check, whether it would be in lava, if the hitbox is expanded by a little bit (nobody cares about this not being more exact). If it touches the lava,  it the Entity will get 4 damage from lava and will be set on fire for 15 ticks, if it is not immune to fire. Additionally the fall distance will be multiplied by 0.5 in every tick the lava is being touched. Finally, if the y-coordinate of the Entity is less than -64, then the Entity will die.

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