In minecraft there are certain objects called entities. The most notable property is, that unlike blocks, tile entities and tile ticks, they have coordinates, which aren´t necessarily whole numbers, but can take any value a double variable can get in java.

Entity Names Edit

The following list contains all the names of all entities in their various forms. The conventional names are taken from the normal minecraft wiki. The code names are taken from the source code, and to prevent redundancy the string "Entity" has been removed from all these names (So in the code the name of the item frame class is EntityItemFrame). The Entity Ids are used in summon commands.

Conventional Name Code Name (MCP 1.8) Entity Id (1.13+)
Minecart with Chest MinecartChest chest_minecart
Eye of Ender EnderEye eye_of_ender
Item Frame ItemFrame item_frame
Minecart with Command Block MinecartCommandBlock command_block_minecart
Item Item item
Horse Horse horse
Ghast Fireball LargeFireball fireball
Ender Dragon Dragon ender_dragon
TNT Minecart MinecartTNT tnt_minecart
Villager Villager villager
Splash Potion Potion potion
Guardian Guardian guardian
Elder guardian ??? elder_guardian
Snow Golem Snowman snow_golem
Lead Knot LeashKnot leash_knot
Fishing Rod Entity FishHook
Arrow Arrow arrow
Mooshroom Mooshroom mooshroom
Magma Cube MagmaCube magma_cube
Zombie Zombie zombie
Minecart with Spawner MinecartMobSpawner spawner_minecart
Ender Crystal EnderCrystal ender_crystal
Snowball Snowball snowball
Enderman Enderman enderman
Cave Spider CaveSpider cave_spider
Minecart with Hopper MinecartHopper hopper_minecart
Experience Orb XPOrb experience_orb
Bottle o' Enchanting ExpBottle experience_bottle
Firework Rocket FireworkRocket firework_rocket
Chicken Chicken chicken
Falling Block FallingBlock falling_block
Giant GiantZombie giant
Iron Golem IronGolem iron_golem
Primed TNT TNTPrimed tnt
Endermite Endermite endermite
Creeper Creeper creeper
Rabbit Rabbit rabbit
Enderpearl EnderPearl ender_pearl
Silverfish Silverfish silverfish
Armor Stand ArmorStand armor_stand
Squid Squid squid
Skeleton Skeleton skeleton
Blaze Fireball SmallFireball small_fireball
Minecart MinecartEmpty minecart
Wolf Wolf wolf
Witch Witch witch
Ocelot Ocelot ocelot
Cow Cow cow
Slime Slime slime
Painting Painting painting
Pig Pig pig
Minecart with Furnace MinecartFurnace furnace_minecart
Bat Bat bat
Blaze Blaze blaze
Wither Wither wither
Zombie Pigman PigZombie zombie_pigman
Spider Spider spider
Ghast Ghast ghast
Sheep Sheep sheep
Wither Skull WitherSkull wither_skull
Boat Boat boat
Lightning LightningBolt lightning_bolt
Player Player
Lingering potion ??? area_effect_cloud
Bee ??? bee
Cat ??? cat
Cod ??? cod
Dolphin ??? dolphin
Donkey ??? donkey
Dragon Fireball ??? dragon_fireball
Drowned ??? drowned
Egg ??? egg
Evoker ??? evoker
Fang ??? evoker_fangs
Vex ??? vex
Fox ??? fox
Husk ??? husk
Illusioner ??? illusioner
Llama ??? llama
Llama spit ??? llama_spit
Mule ??? mule
Panda ??? panda
Parrot ??? parrot
Phantom ??? phantom
Pillager ??? pillager
Polar bear ??? polar_bear
Pufferfish ??? pufferfish
Ravager ??? ravager
Salmon ??? salmon
Shulker ??? shulker
Shulker Bullet ??? shulker_bullet
Skeleton horse ??? skeleton_horse
Spectral arrow ??? spectral_arrow
Stray ??? stray
Trader Llama ??? trader_llama
Trident ??? trident
Tropical Fish ??? tropical_fish
Vindicator ??? vindicator
Wandering Trader ??? wandering_trader
Zombie Horse ??? zombie_horse
Zombie Villager ??? zombie_villager
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