Fire is a block that can destroy certain other blocks. After fire gets a random update it schedules another update to happen 30-39 game-ticks later.

Flammable Blocks (complete?)[1] Edit

Block Fire Catchability Fire Destructability Extra
[All "Plankish" blocks] 5 20
Logs 5 5
Leaves 30 60
Bookshelf 30 20
TNT 15 100 Explodes
Shubs 60 100 Allow rain
[Tall flowers/grass] 60 100 Allow rain
[Short flowers/grass] 60 100 Allow rain
Wool 30 60
Vines 15 100 Allow rain
Coal Blocks 5 5
Hay Blocks 60 20
Carpet 60 20 Allow rain

Removing Fire[1] Edit

  • Punch it
  • Place a block over it
  • A (1/4) chance if it is updated with no flammable blocks below but one otherwise adjacent
  • If it is updated with an "age" (data-value) > 4 and no flammable blocks adjacent
  • Have it, marked with an "F", update while it is raining on a block marked with an "X"

The bottom 2(3) reasons are ignored if the fire is on bedrock in the end or nether-rack.

Fire Removing Things[1] Edit

Fire destroying blocks Edit

--More to add from Wubbi's video

New fire being placed Edit

If the destroyed block "Allows rain" and is being rained on this step is skipped.

--More to add from Wubbi's video

Fire Spread[1] Edit

--More to add from Wubbi's video

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