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The following lists known information about the act of actual fishing. If you want to see information about fishing rods, the unknown entity, etc, please visit their respective pages. Thanks!

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When it is raining, the chance of catching a fish goes up 40%. (From 1/500 ticks to 1/300 ticks)

There are 65 uses on a fishing rod.

A Fishing rod is useful in PVP on servers like hypixel, because it stops their sprint jump and makes them just sprint. This is helpful when chasing someone. In vanilla, a fishing rod does not effect players.

As of snapshot 20w12a:

☀When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open waters.

  • A fishing location is considered to be open water if the following conditions are met:
    • There is at least a 5×1×5 area of water beneath the bobber and a 5×2×5 area of air above (for a combined 5×3×5 free area required).
    • Waterlogged blocks that have no collision, such as signs and coral count as water. However, bubble columns do not

(Minecraft Wiki)

Possible Catches[2][]

Item Percent Chance Extra Data
Bone 12.048%
Bowl 12.048%
Fishing Rod 2.410% up to 90% damaged
Ink Sac 12.048% 10 Items
Leather 12.048%
Leather Boots 12.048% up to 90% damaged
Rotten Flesh 12.048%
Stick 6.024%
String 6.024%
Trip-wire Hook 12.048%
Water Bottle 12.048%
Item Percent Chance Extra Data Ench.
Bow 16.667% up to 25% damaged Lvl. 30
Ench. Book 16.667% Lvl. 30
Fishing Rod 16.667% up to 25% damaged Lvl. 30
Lilly Pad 16.667%
Name Tag 16.667%
Saddle 16.667%
Item Chance
Clown 2%
Fish 60%
Puffer 13%
Salmon 25%


Junk Treasure Fish
Luck o' the sea Decreases Amount Increases Amount N/A
Lure Decreases Amount Decreases Amount Increases Amount

The enchantment "Lure" is known for decreasing the time until the next catch when throwing the bobber.