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Items, like many other things in minecraft have data tags. With them you can give items names and enchantments.

Basics Edit

To give yourself an item, use the command "/give".

The syntax for /give is /give <player> <item> [amount] [data] [dataTag]

<player> is the player - player name, @p, @a. Attempting to give items to non-players will give an error.

<item> is the item name, such as minecraft:stone.

[amount] is the amount of items to give.

[data] is the data value of an item such as for stone 0 is stone, 1 is granite,ect.

[dataTag] is the tag for the item.

Another way to get items is using "/replaceItem entity".

Item data dags Edit

Naming items Edit

To give a named item to someone, use /give @p minecraft:stone 1 2 {display:{Name:"NAMED ITEM"}}. You can also use that in /replaceitem.

Checking for items Edit

To check if a player has an item, use the player data tag {Inventory:[{Slot:1234b,id:"minecraft:redstone"}]}

Slot: is the slot you want to check, if you want to search for the item anywhere, delete the Slot:IDb.

if you want to find a slots ID, you can do a /replaceitem entity on yourself with the wanted slot name (using tab) BUT with the exeption with whe off hand with the ID -106.

This is usable in /testfor and /scoreboard as the last parameter, but not possible in /execute as it has no dataDag input. (AKA you cannot put that in @e[Inventory:{blahblah}]

Enchanting items Edit

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