Items can be transported many different ways in the game , whether it be through inventories such as hoppers, or as an entity itself such as water. This page lists the well known and used item transportation methods in the game.

Example list: Edit

In a GUI/Inventory: Edit

  • Hoppers: these are the main form of item transportation used for short distances. They can output into almost anything with a GUI
    • Hoppers can output items in any direction but up (positive y).
  • Droppers/dispensers: These can output into anything that a hopper can. They are good for short distances or for getting an item out of an inventory (ex: a hopper) and into item entity form.
    • Droppers and dispensers can face in all 6 directions.

As an Item Entity: Edit

  • With water streams and stairs: Currently the fastest way to transport items, this concept uses water to push items over the lower part of stairs to make the items move extremely quickly by bouncing along.
    • It takes a short distance to speed up first, so for (currently unknown) blocks it is still faster to use ice.
    • can go in any direction but on the y axis (up and down)
Fastest Item Transportation in Minecraft

Fastest Item Transportation in Minecraft

Doc's explanation of the concept

Minecraft - Fastest &Cheapest Vanilla Item Transport Pipe

Minecraft - Fastest &Cheapest Vanilla Item Transport Pipe

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