Data Edit

Attibute Values: Edit

150px-Snow Golem

maxHealth: 4

movementSpeed: 0.20000000298023224

followRange: 16 (Default)

knockbackResistance: 0 (Default)

Other data: Edit

Common Drops: Snowballs (0-16)

XP: 0

Network ID: 97

Savegame ID: SnowMan

Snowmans are 1.9 blocks high and 0.7 blocks wide.

Snowmans are immune to fall damage. (This is a property of Golems in general.)

Snowmans can´t despawn naturally, even if the PersistenceRequired NBT-tag is set to 0.  (This is a property of Golems in general.)

Snowmans have all the NBT-tags of entities and mobs.


Snowmans can be spawned by building them. (Here should be a link to a golem building mechanics page at some point in time)

Here´s the nbt structure of a stereotypical snowman in the overworld:

Interpretation of the Code of the EntitySnowMan class Edit

The Snowman class inherits from the classes EntityGolem, EntityCreature, EntityLiving, EntityLivingBase and Entity. It implements the interfaces IRangedAttackMob, IAnimals and ICommandSender.

The Snowman class uses the following EntityAI classes with the following values:

ArrowAttack: maxAttackDistance = 10; maxRangedAttackTime=20; moveSpeed=1.25

Wander: speed=1

WatchClosest: watchedClass=player; maxDistanceForPlayer=6


NearestAttackableTarget: targetClass=EntityLiving; targetChance=10; shouldCheckSight=true; nearbyOnly=false; Predicate IMob.mobSelector

If a snowman gets wet, he gets 1 drowning damage every game tick.

If the biome temperature of the block the snowman is in, is greater than 1.0, then the snowman gets fire damage every tick. (If a snowman has a fire resistance effect, he can survive in warm biomes.)

After that the snowman will select 4 block positions at his own height and with a 0.25 offset in the x and z axis and do the following thing: If the block x  in is an air block, and if snow can be placed on the block below x, and if the biome temperature of x is less than 0.8, then x will be replaced with a snow layer.

When a snow golem dies, he will drop 0-15 single snowball items.

When the ArrowAttackAI class of the snow golem S tells him to attack an target T with a ranged attack he will do the following things: (More information needs to be added.)

Snow Golems are essential for the following concepts Edit

  • Snow farms (add link at some point)
  • Some slime farms

(More usages for snow golems should be added)

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